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Coping with Overnight Shift Work This handout provides tips for what to do before, during, and after an overnight shift to help improve the quantity and quality of sleep.
Safety Behaviors and Sleep This handout describes how safety behaviors that are intended to reduce anxiety can actually maintain anxiety and sleep problems over the long term and suggestions for how to reduce safety behaviors.
CBT-N Therapist Packet (all sessions)
Session 1 Therapist Packet
Session 2 Therapist Packet
Session 3 Therapist Packet
Session 4 Therapist Packet
Session 5 Therapist Packet
Session 6 Therapist Packet
CBT-N Patient Packet (all sessions)
Session 1 Patient Packet
Session 2 Patient Packet
Session 3 Patient Packet
Session 4 Patient Packet
Session 5 Patient Packet
Session 6 Patient Packet

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